Why is Inventory Management Critical in Omnichannel Retail?

April 6, 2017

Inventory Management is an integral part to any thriving supply chain, but comprehensive inventory management in omnichannel environments is absolutely critical. Get it right, and efficiencies create boosts to the bottom line. Get it wrong and it’s the equivalent to hoarding money under the mattress, or worse, letting it fall out of a hole in your pocket. Read more

How Do You Predict Demand for a New Product?

April 2, 2017

In a supply chain, we understand the need to carefully balance supply and demand. Knowing and predicting your potential sales is critical to your success. Successfully launching a new product is central to this. However, how do you – with reasonable accuracy – predict demand for a new product? How can you be sure that your next product is going to be a success that improves profits, and builds your brand? Read more

The Future of Supply Chains – How the Past and Present Have Shaped Their Development

March 31, 2017

Supply chains in 2017 have rapidly evolved from the supply chains of twenty, or even ten, years ago. Does this mean that today’s supply chains will be antiquated entities compared to supply chains just ten years from now? Is the speed of change for supply chains here to stay? Or have we seen the biggest developmental leaps, and now things are bedding down once more? Read more

What Holds a Warehouse Back in E-commerce Retailing?

March 29, 2017

The supply chain world simply doesn’t look anything like that of 30 years ago. It’s a completely different entity due to technology and the e-commerce world. Being able to meet the demands of a ‘think it-own it’ consumer in the online retail market is central to success. But what warehouse factors hold this back? Read more

Improving Customer Service in Consumer Supply Chains

March 23, 2017

Not that long ago, supply chains merely had to contend with retailers, and it was the retailers job to deal with the consumer. This model doesn’t exist in the same way anymore, and increasingly, supply chains are businesses to consumer. As such, improving customer service is pivotal to supply chains success. Read more